Pensioners to make up a quarter of Russia’s population

Credit: Natalya Seliverstova | RIAN

The number of Russians aged over 60 will make up 26% of Russia’s population by 2030, Head of the Russian Pension Fund Anton Drozdov said at the Society for All Ages national conference.

According to Pension Fund Head Anton Drozdov, Russia will have “an interesting future.” In ten years, a significant part of the population will reach the retirement age, the TASS news agency reports. Therefore it is necessary to develop a set of measures so that all people of pre-retirement age would be able to find a job.

“Pensions are inextricably linked with demography. First of all it is necessary to watch the macroeconomic stability and the inflation rate. When these areas begin to show positive changes, then it will be possible to speak about increasing pensions,” Drozdov said.

He added that he understands that the increasing number of retirees will place a greater burden on the shrinking working population.

“All the changes that have happened should help ease the burden on the working citizens,” Drozdov concluded.

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