Pandemic to widen inequality gap – MGIMO University rector

Credit: Evgeniy Biyatov | RIAN

Rector of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO University) Anatoly Torkunov described the four main scenarios for the post-pandemic world. One of them supposes that the pandemic will worsen global inequality.

According to Torkunov, the global situation after the pandemic can develop according to several scenarios. The first one will lead to a new globalization: countries will be abundant in resources and will actively cooperate with each other.

The second scenario depicts another Great Depression, Anatoly Torkunov emphasizes. This means that mankind will lack resources, the global economy will face stagnation, and the relations between the US and China will deteriorate.

The third scenario supposes that the pandemic will increase global inequality and escalate social conflicts. And finally, the fourth scenario says there will be many resources but international cooperation will be weak and everyone will defend their own interests only, Torkunov told TASS news agency.

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