St. Petersburg company completes testing of reusable protective gear

UrbanTiger, a young St. Petersburg-based high-tech apparel brand, has begun the production of reusable medical suits to protect doctors on the frontline in COVID-19 fight.

According to brand director Anastasia Piorunskaya, the company began to look for new opportunities to apply its methods and technologies in March.

With the outbreak of the COVID-19, the company scrapped its plans to release a new collection of ski suits and focused entirely on creating reliable and high-quality protective gear for doctors.

They used the most up-to-date technologies and materials such as hydrophobic polymer fibers.

The innovative UrbanTiger overalls – durable and fully leak-proof, light and breathable – have been awarded all registration certificates and are already being used by doctors working with patients with the novel coronavirus.

The company produces 10,500 personal protective suits per week at its own production facilities in the Rostov Region. The cost of one suit is RUR 9.5K ($130). But, compared with disposable PPE (its average price is RUR2.3K, or $32), the reusable option is obviously a better bargain. UrbanTiger overalls take at least 20 disinfections without changing their properties.

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