Pension reform: A time bomb under the country’s foundations – expert

The pension reform in Russia has made our grandmothers and grandfathers continue working, not so much for material benefit, but to feel needed, leading analyst at the Center for the Analysis of Educational Data at RANEPA Federal Institute for the Development of Education (FIRO) Anton Dozhdikov.

According to him, as a result, many senior citizens will no longer have time to pass on their social experience to their grandchildren. This means the pension reform is actually a powerful time bomb laid under the foundation of the country’s social stability, the expert said, quoted by Svobodnaya Pressa website.

Grandchildren raised by loving grandmothers are unlikely to engage in social unrest; if they have been raised by someone else – that can easily happen, the expert said.

A large family, with grandparents living next door, can be a valuable source of new social practices for a child, Anton Dozhdikov added. Actually, the more adults are around, the better children adapt socially.

Meanwhile, with the new pension reform, senior family members will have to go to work and children will be left with gadgets and the internet, the expert concluded.

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