Russia expects coffee trading to grow

Russian cafes and restaurants are re-opening their outdoor and indoor seating after being closed since April due to the pandemic, which is expected to restore coffee trading volumes to the pre-crisis level, according to experts.

Ramaz Chanturia, CEO of the Russian Association of Tea and Coffee Producers (Roschaikofe), said that re-opening cafes will bring the coffee market back to life. Many Russians will start taking coffee to go again, which should partially restore the demand. At the same time, it will not be possible to fully recover to the pre-lockdown level, the expert argues.

The tea market will maintain consumption at the same level, the expert added. Over the previous year, some 180K tons of coffee were sold in Russia, PRIME reports, while tea sales were significantly lower, around 140K tons.

Irina Nagaitseva, Press Secretary of the Association of Food Producers and Suppliers (Rusprodsoyuz), the level of food consumption will soon begin to recover in Russia, thanks to a stabilized ruble. She added that producers will launch campaigns to stimulate demand. 

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