Physicist confirms wind turbines are dangerous to worms and humans

Mikhail Kovalchuk, physicist and President of the Kurchatov Institute, commented on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s statement about worms crawling out of the ground due to the impact of wind power generators, Nakanune.RU reports.

As a matter of fact, wind power generation creates infrasonic waves that affect live organisms – not only worms and birds but also humans. Professor Kovalchuk claims that infrasonic generators make soldiers “insane” and infrasound can be considered a weapon.

However, these alternative sources of energy can be used in Russia but they should be built away from residential areas, which is quite possible in the Russian territory, according to the expert who has a doctoral degree in physics and mathematics.

Infrasound is sound waves with frequency below the lower limit of human audibility. Scientists do believe that infrasound can cause harm to a person’s nervous system. According to one theory, infrasound created underwater is responsible for ghost ships (ships abandoned by people for no obvious reason). 

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