Russia presents model of new Lamantin aircraft carrier

Credit: Vladimir Galperin | RIAN

A model of the Lamantin innovative aircraft carrier was displayed at the 9th International Maritime Defense Show in St. Petersburg. The vessel’s length will be 350 meters and it will reach speeds of up to 30 knots.

The aircraft carrier was developed by the Nevskoye Design Bureau, Regnum news agency reports. The nuclear-powered vessel will be able operate for 120 days without refueling. Its lifetime will be over 50 years; it will have a displacement of 80K-90K tons.

The vessel can host up to 60 aircraft and 10 drones at a time. Light fighters, heavy aircraft and helicopters will be able to take off from it. In addition, the vessel will carry up to 2K tons of ordnance. The ship will be equipped with ramps for aircraft to take off and arresting gear – systems used to rapidly decelerate an aircraft as it lands.

‘Lamantin’ is Russian for manatee, a large marine mammal that inhabits the Caribbean Sea and the coastal areas of the Americas.

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