PM: Progress is impossible without digital technology

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev addressed a plenary session of the International Cybersecurity Congress, government website reported.

As PM noted, “We already live in a digital world. This is the new reality, where progress is impossible without digital technology and the free exchange of data on the global network.”

Yet digitalization brings about new challenges. “Cybercrime is among the top five global risks identified by the World Economic Forum,” he said. “Russia is detecting tens of millions of cyberattacks on our public and private websites.”

Therefore, according to Medvedev, “All the pros of digitalization will be cancelled out unless we adopt effective measures to combat cybercrime and take control of the situation. We have decided to formulate rules to protect digital and financial industries from cyber threats. We will also stimulate the development of Russian software; it is a necessity for us. Within the framework of the digital program there is a section devoted to information security, where we are planning to establish mechanisms for supporting the development of Russian software and increasing its market share.”

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