Regulation of organ donation in Azerbaijan

Private clinics will be granted the right to perform removal of donor organs and transplantation surgeries in Azerbaijan, Azernews portal reports, referring to draft law On Donation and Transplantation of Human Organs which specifies that licensed state, municipal, private healthcare entities will be able to remove organs from a living person or corpse and envisages that removal of a donor organ, its conservation, storage, transportation, transplantation, import from abroad or export from the country can only be carried out by a medical institution holding a permit (license) for such an activity.

A person who temporarily lost his or her ability to work due to organ donation, will be fully paid his/her average salary over the period of health recovery. A donor is entitled to obtain explicit and reliable information on a surgery, to receive treatment and rehabilitation in a public medical facility, to be supplied with medicines, to refuse at any time to provide his/her donor organ, to be constantly under supervision of a dispensary.

In Azerbaijan, the number of surgeries has tripled over the past 12 years. Nowadays surgeries such as liver, bone marrow transplantation, artificial joint and open and closed heart surgeries are carried out. Under the country’s current laws, organs can only be transplanted from a living donor. Annually, about 1,500 people in Azerbaijan need a donor, but since the organs cannot be taken from corpses, only 100 to 120 operations for the transplantation of organs of living people are carried out.

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