Robots take over HR and finances

Robots are increasingly more often used in finances, HR and document management, according to Svetlana Arkhipkina, UiPath Regional Sales Manager, who spoke at the AI In Business: Whole Truth About Digital Employees conference on June 18.

“The market today is very interested in robot-based automation. We are now switching from robots performing simple operations to developing smart robots. Robots must be able to see, understand text and speak to people in a human language. Machines must be able to hypothesize and pick the right theories. It’s no wizardry and it’s not super complicated. All these tasks can be solved by mathematics,” the expert said.

Svetlana Arkhipkina added that finances, accounting, HR and document management account for the largest number of robotics projects.

“In finances, robots handle reconciliation statements, expense timesheets and bank statements. They can also create cover letters, process requests and draft statistical reports. In HR, robots can print sick leave certificates, draft documents for urgent leaves of absence and search for candidates’ CVs online. Finally, in document management, AI can be used for processing email attachments, drawing up reports based on data retrieved from 1C and monitor expiring deals.” 

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