Russia is testing innovative patrol ship

Credit: Vitaliy Timkiv | RIAN

The new patrol boat of the Black Sea Fleet Vasily Bykov has undergone tests in the waters near Novorossiysk.

Vasily Bykov is a Project 22160-class patrol ship. According to Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper, the ship’s main advantage is its ability to carry additional equipment or weapons. Initially the boat is equipped with a powerful 76.2-mm artillery cannon. It also has surface-to-air missiles and anti-sabotage equipment and can be fitted with the Minotavr hydroacoustic system to detect the enemy’s submarines. Vasily Bykov can also be equipped with the Kalibr (NATO codename SS-N-27 Sizzler) surface ship- and submarine-launched anti-ship cruise missiles. The new vessel also has a combat helicopter pad. The ship can accommodate 80 crewmembers and a Marine unit.

The ship is supposed to operate in the coastal waters, but being a shallow draft vessel it can also be used in big rivers.

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