Russia may become ‘oxygen donor’ in 40 years

The country may become a major exporter of oxygen by 2050 in case it boosts its forestry sector.


Trees to be grownin Russia will absorb up to 2 bln tons of greenhouse gases, LUKOIL Vice President for Strategic Development Leonid Fedun said.

According to Fedun, Russia will actually become an ‘oxygen donor’ as well as the largest ‘depositor’ of carbon dioxide, with trees to absorb carbon dioxide emissions from other countries, the Neftegazovaya Vertikal magazine reported. Today, woodlands cover nearly 80% of Russia’s total area which provides for climate benefits, while in Europe only 19% of land is covered by forests.  

Invest Foresight previously reported that researchers discovered the first animal that doesn’t need oxygen to live, a parasite distantly related to jellyfish.

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