Edvais clinical trials completed

The Edvais™ non-invasive glucose meter by the Brain Beat (Russia) has completed clinical trials.

The device was tested in the general therapy department of Mariinskaya City Hospital in St Petersburg. Volunteers with both types of diabetes as well as non-diabetic patients took part.

Edward Kryzhanovsky (PhD in Engineering), Brain Beat founder and co-creator of this innovative technology, member of the Academy of Medical Sciences and Technology, offered the following statistics:

“By most conservative estimates, 422 million people in the world had diabetes in 2019 and, unfortunately, this number continues to grow. All of them have to pierce their fingers to measure blood sugar at least once a day. These people include at least 34 million patients with type 1 diabetes who are recommended to repeat this procedure, despite pain, up to ten times a day. Our device can measure glucose without a single drop of blood and without taking any biological fluid whatsoever. The technology is based on measuring reflected (diffused) light in the optical area of glucose’s absorption spectrum. One only needs to press their finger against the sensor and wait 30–40 seconds for the measurement result. In Russia alone, over 5 million people need this technology.”

MedTech has always been a rapidly developing investment sector and a very sensitive area where each decision requires digging deep into the details and going through elaborate preparations. Over the past few years, Brain Beat has come a long way both in creating and protecting their intangible assets at a global level, as well as in understanding the needs of patients. We will continue this active in-depth work with the project team,” said Artem Genkin, Doctor of Economy, Professor, Chairman of the Board of Brain Beat.

Brain Beat, the developer of the non-invasive glucose monitor Edvais™, is a resident company at the Skolkovo Innovation Center. In 2018, the company won the AstraZeneca Skolkovo Startup Challenge in the category Technologies for Diagnostics, and took second place at the prestigious Asian Entrepreneurship Award AEA in Japan. In 2019, Brain Beat took first place in the Digital Solutions for Healthcare track at the Skolkovo Startup Village conference.

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