“Russian Pioneer” of Lyon: Certification for Russia is not Borodino, but a service

All rules have their exceptions. Restrictions, closed borders, a business crisis, companies collapse and project’s abandonment — all are the pandemic side effects. But the borders are still closed, and there is still no end to the evil virus, and the first office, where local manufacturers and suppliers are helped to obtain official certification to enter the Russian market, has appeared in France. The largest certification сenter Sercons has opened a branch in Lyon, France.

Lyon, along with Paris and Marseille, is one of the centers of mechanical engineering. Of course, the opportunity to enter the Russian market is important to manufacturers and machinery and equipment suppliers, as well as to engineering companies, which have large contracts in Russia and are responsible for the construction of entire factories and industrial enterprises. As well as the Russians are interested in French cars, ships and electrical engineering.

But Lyon, as a home of cinema, Lyon silk, famous bouchons and the great chef Paul Bocuse, — is also associated with the production of personal protective equipment. And it is a subject to certification in Russia according to TR CU 019/2011.

In the “PromMash Test” laboratory, founded by the Sercons company, there is a unique robot on the territory of the post-Soviet countries, which is named Newton for testing overalls. It imitates the human body in detail (if not in molecules), and even freezes and sweats like a human. A much more humanic version for the tests, because a living person was used in the past, with 15 sensors attached to his body and was placed in a freezer with a minus 50 degrees temperature. This robot is working according to TR TS 019/2011.

PromMash Test is the largest testing center in Russia. Therefore, it is quite logical that the new international branch of Sercons became the Russian “pioneer” in Lyon. It is the first accredited agency in France and it will provide affordable certification for businesses to work with our country. The effect of the “Russian pioneer” in Lyon is not only for the benefit for private business.

“Relations between France and Russia are not at their peak right now,” says Artem Mironov, head of the Sercons Companies Group European branches, “There are problems, and we hope that together with the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we will be able to move this iceberg for a little. If industry has an interest in Russia, then politics should have such an interest.”

The company already has offices in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Korea and China. Interestingly, just as chain restaurants in each country adapt their concept to local traditions and tastes, certificates also have to organise their work based on the national mentality.

“In Switzerland, the most important thing is a clear calculation. In Germany — meticulousness,” — shares Artem Mironov, — “there everything must be checked 100 times. In Italy, they prefer not to go into details. The French are more like the Germans, they want to understand the whole certification process. “

But there is also a common feature. Mostly, European manufacturers and suppliers come to Russian representatives completely disoriented. They don’t know how much “Russian certification” costs. They have a request for export to Russia, but they are convinced that this process is, if not from the horror genre, then from science fiction. There is such an opinion that entering the Russian market comes with incredible difficulties, and all documents and permissions cost cosmic money. So manufacturers are very surprised when they find out that everything can be done quickly and on reasonable terms. Now French manufacturers can understand the certification nuances and get all the necessary protocols in their country.

“We already have the status of pioneers all over the world,” — says the Sercons Companies Group founder Ihsan Bozkurt, — “We are responsible for bringing foreign products to our market, which have passed the legal, real and entire path of testing and certification, and so that our consumers receive safe and high-quality goods” …

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