Michelin Guide now includes 69 Moscow cafes and restaurants

The most trusted and influential restaurant guide, Michelin Guide, sometimes also called the “red guide” (for the color of the book covers; it has nothing to do with ideology) offers information about thousands of meticulously selected restaurants in 30 countries.   

Russia never featured in the Michelin guidebooks before but on October 14 everything changed when the best cafes and restaurants in Moscow that are worthy of a Michelin star were announced at an award ceremony at the Zaryadye Concert Hall.

Michelin inspectors had spent an entire year exploring Moscow’s gastronomic scene, tasting, smelling and evaluating the interior and customer service. Finally, they came up with a list of their favorite places.

Nobody doubted that there are excellent restaurants in Moscow with amazing cuisine and wonderful chefs. The actual number of restaurants included in the guide came as a surprise.

Twins Garden created by Ivan and Sergey Berezutsky and Artest-Chef’s Table (chef de cuisine: Artem Estafyev) received two stars each. One Michelin star was awarded to seven restaurants, including Beluga, Selfie and White Rabbit.

The Michelin Guide now includes 69 Moscow cafes and restaurants, including CDL, Pushkin, Natakhtari, Chemodan, Severyane and Grand Café Dr. Zhivago.

Michelin’s International Director Gwendal Poullennec noted that Michelin inspectors were pleasantly surprised by the culinary art of Moscow chefs and are happy to include the city’s best restaurants in its friendly family.

For more information about restaurant ratings and what a Michelin title means for a restaurant, read this article.

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