Belarus increases secret exports by 700%

Around 15% of goods exported from Belarus to Russia between January and July 2021 was not documented in the exporter’s statistics.

RBC reports that the undocumented exports include not only fertilizers, fuel but also tractors. The total export revenue amounts to almost $1.3 bln.

It should be noted that Belarus usually classifies some of its exports such as tobacco, precious metals, arms and munition. The list has been extended lately due to the EU and US sanctions imposed on the country.

The monetary value of the Belarusian supplies to Russia is $8.71 bln, including $7.42 bln of openly documented and $1.29 bln of classified exports, which shows a 14.8% growth in secret exports.

Another significant part of the secret exports is a recipient labeled “unknown country.” Between January and July, the “unknown country” received $556 mln worth of supplies. Over the seven months of 2021, Belarus delivered classified exports to the United States for $151 mln. According to RBC, it may be potassium fertilizers.

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