Russian software comes to match Russian computer hardware

A Russian Linux-based operating system has been developed to power computers driven by the Baikal chips from a domestic company called Baikal Electronics.

In this project, Baikal Electronics teamed up with Bazalt-SPO, the developer of the Alt family of operating systems.

“We are glad to watch our partnerships in promoting a national hardware ecosystem bear fruit and generate operating systems compatible with our processors. The doors are being opened to creating 100% domestic products in a near future. We hope to already see examples of 100% Russian items based on both Russian hardware and Russian software emerge in the market in Q3 2020,” Baikal Electronics CEO Andrei Evdokimov said in a comment to the news.

It was back in late 2015 that plans to launch serial production of Russia’s pioneering chip, the Baikal-T1, with a cost of $60 apiece were first announced. At about that time, Lenovo, a sizable Chinese computer maker, was reported to show interest in using the Baikal in its PCs and mobile gadgets.

This story initially appeared in Marchmont Innovation News, Russia’s daily business news website.

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