Gantner supplies to solar power plants in Vietnam

Gantner Instruments Environment Solutions, a full-service PV monitoring and control supplier for utility scale PV power plants, is supplying a complete monitoring and control solution to five of the largest and highest-quality commercial rooftop solar projects in Vietnam, Pressebox portal reports. These plants will use Gantner’s market leading datalogger and Power Plant Controller Q.reader. All relevant plant information including meteo data will be monitored by Gantner hardware. For comprehensive power plant data analytics with latest big data technologies, performance tracking, alarming and daily O&M management tasks the Gantner.webportal SaaS application will be provided.

These projects underline Gantner’s global leadership in supplying monitoring and control solutions for utility scale ground-mounted PV systems, its capability to serve also large rooftop installations with highest demands. Dozens of rooftop PV plants running with Gantner’s solution are located above all in the UK, South-East Asia and Africa, partly with specific requests on control function, such as zero feed-in. In 2019 Gantner had supplied its solution to about 1GW PV power plants worldwide including 70MW of ground-mounted solar power plants in Vietnam.

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