Russia’s Far East to deliver OSB

A new OSB manufacturing enterprise has opened in Spassk-Dalny, a town with the population of about 40,000 (as of mid 2020) in Russia’s Primorye Territory.

The enterprise has been launched by a resident company of the Free Port of Vladivostok special economic zone.

OSB, which stands for oriented strand board, is a material formed out of 4-6 compressed layers of wood strands or other timber industry residuals with special adhesives.

Manufacturing of oriented strand board is more cost-efficient than of plywood, which makes OSB a material that is more economically advantageous to use not only in construction industry but for production of various  packaging products as well.

The project of starting the manufacturing facility and the full launch of production cycle has required investments of RUR 1.38 bln ($20 mio).

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