Sakhalin fishermen to receive RUR 300 mio

Over RUR 300 mio ($4 mio) will be invested in Sakhalin’s fishing industry.

This sum will be allocated from the regional budget to two enterprises on the island. The biggest part, almost RUR 250 mio ($3,5 mio), will go to Kurilsky Rybak CJSC to compensate for losses the company suffered due to the construction of a fish processing plant on Shikotan Island with a capacity of 1K tons of fish per day.

The second company, Yuzhno-Kurilsky Fish Factory, has received RUR 55 mio ($770K) to invest in the implementation of two projects.

The first project includes the construction of a plant that will produce fish meal and fish oil; its estimated capacity will be 500 tons of product per day. As part of the second project, a salmon farm will be built on Kunashir Island. Its estimated annual capacity is up to 20 mio juvenile Siberian salmon and humpback salmon.

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