Sakhalin to manufacture modular houses

A new production project for modular housing has been launched in the Sakhalin Region. The project received RUR 4.5 bln ($70.5 mio) from investors.

A cooperation agreement has already been signed between the region’s government, the PIK group of developer companies, the Development Foundation for the Far East and the Arctic, and the Far Eastern Agency for Investment and Export Support. The new company will be subject to tax concessions.

Modular houses will be released completely ready for living. In a year, the company expects to produce houses covering a total area of 300K sq. m. Modular houses will serve as housing in the Russian Far East – Sakhalin, Kamchatka and the Primorye Territory.

However, the plan is to also use modular buildings as kindergartens and hospital. Some houses will be exported to Asia.

It is believed that prefabricated houses are similar in quality to wood-frame and wooden houses. Still, they are substantially cheaper. These houses are resistant to precipitation and, provided that they are made of quality materials, they can have a rather long lifespan.

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