Silkworm cocoons harvesting in Azerbaijan

Sericulture has been spread throughout Azerbaijan since ancient times and is still developing nowadays. With reference to the Agriculture Ministry, Azernews portal reports of the commencement of the silkworm cocoons harvesting. By early June, silkworm breeders delivered 99.33 tons of raw cocoons.

Currently, raw cocoons are harvested in 38 regions of Azerbaijan while the country anticipates to raise 800 tons of cocoons this year.

To expand local production, 3.5 mio mulberry seedlings were imported from China, causing national production to grow from 0.236 tons in 2015 to 70.7 tons in 2016, to 245.2 tons in 2017, and to 514 tons in 2018. It is expected to reach 6,000 tons of cocoons per annum by 2025.

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