Sixty LADAs for Domino’s

Russia’s AVTOVAZ carmaker announces at its website the handover to Domino’s Pizza Russia of sixty standard configuration black color LADA Granta cars in the sedan body.

This is the second batch of the cars for the global restaurant chain. A similar deal was made last year. LADA cars are used for pizza delivery in Moscow restaurants of the chain. At the moment, the fleet of Domino’s Pizza Russia is over 700 vehivles.

”Corporate sales are one of the most important aims for our company,” Vitaly Osipov, Corporate Sales Director at AVTOVAZ, says. “Granta family models, thanks to the variety of options and affordable price, have been a recognized leader in both retail and corporate sales for many years.”

”One of the key advantages of Domino’s is the guaranteed delivery within 30 minutes. This is an essential option that you will always get when ordering in our restaurants. In addition, we pay great attention to the safety of our customers and employees. Therefore, we carefully select cars for our drivers,” – said Victoria Alemanova, Marketing and Sales Director at Dominoss Pizza Russia.

Domino’s Pizza is an international chain of restaurants that is among the world leaders in pizza cooking and delivery. The company opened its first point of sale in Moscow in 1998. As of December 31, 2019, there were 203 restaurants in Russia.

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