TalkBank launches chat bot for self-employed Russians

Many dream of being their own boss, yet few know how to properly organize their solo operation. TalkBank virtual bank has released an innovative service that helps quickly resolve issues most self-employed individuals struggle with. Now users can register as self-employed in one click using a TalkBank chat bot on an instant messenger. The bank also offers banking services to companies collaborating with this category of workers.

TalkBank is the twelfth Russian bank approved by the Federal Tax Service to register and service self-employed workers, and the first bank to offer official registration on messengers, without visits to its office or a tax authority. One can now change their life and become self-employed even during self-isolation.

The service for the self-employed is available on Telegram, Viber, VK and FB. Immediately after registration, the client gets access to a free virtual card, the payment system, the system that generates bills for the services provided and other useful functions. All that the user needs to legally operate as a business and pay taxes is a mobile phone. The new service can also be integrated into the business processes of any company cooperating with self-employed workers.

TalkBank is the first virtual bank in Russia operating without branch offices, call centers or mobile apps while offering fully-fledged banking functionality on instant messengers. Financial management is performed by artificial intelligence – a chat bot that helps order and issue bank cards, pass identification, and carry out cash transactions online.

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