Wikium’s integrated neural interface

Wikium, an online platform for brain training, has launched an interface which improves training quality. It was the first large scale implementation of comparable services in the Russian market.

A trainee is to put on a special headband with encephalosensors which use Bluetooth to transmit information on α, β and γ rhythms of the brain, and perform a real time monitoring of the most productive phases. Wikium developers are certain that an individual can remember his or her most efficient status and is capable, if required, to improve his or her mobilization, concentration, selectively remember and reproduce information, timely monitor fatigue and start meditation and relaxation.

The Wikium team has developed some proper neurointerface software.

“At the first stage, the users of our online platform can see their results during their training, if they are online”, Sergei Belan, Wikium founder and CEO, says. “We will later ensure options for reviewing detailed statistics, feedback from all simulators, connecting the statistics feed to specialized online training courses to monitor meditation status and exercises adequacy”.

At the moment, 2.6 million individuals get training via Wikium online platform.

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