Zvezda channel shows rehearsal of air component of Victory Day parade

Russia’s cutting edge military aircraft have taken part in a rehearsal of the air component of the military parade to be held in Moscow on May 9 to mark the anniversary of the end of World War II. 

The rehearsal in Kubinka near Moscow involved the helicopters Mi-24, Mi-28 Night Hunter, Ka-52, the multipurpose military transport Mi-8, and the world’s heaviest mass-produced helicopter Mi-26. The Swifts (Strizhi) aerobatic demonstrator team also took part in the event. The Zvezda TV channel has shown footage of the rehearsal.

Overall, over 74 aircraft will fly over Red Square on May 9, including strategic bombers Tu-95 and Tu-160, transport aircraft IL-76, and Su-57 fifth generation fighters. The planes and helicopters will take off from eight airfields.

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