Hackers invent new way to steal data

Hackers came up with a new method of phishing, or stealing data by sending out unsolicited emails. According to Kaspersky Lab spokesperson, corporate employees have been receiving invites to performance reviews that request work email login and password.

Bank clerks and other corporate workers often swallow the fraudsters’ bait and open malicious pages allegedly to participate in a performance review where they enter their work email credentials. Hackers steal their emails that might contain customers’ personal data. Bank representatives claim that all employees undergo training to prevent such data leaks.

Experts comment that phishing is one of the biggest threats this year. All banks have to deal with hackers on a regular basis. It is staff rather than the bank’s data system that is usually the vulnerability during such attacks. Although some banks scan ordinary emails for spam and viruses, which results in many phishing emails being blocked automatically.

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