Russian dream: €500 a month

Russians want a retirement pension of RUR 37,000 ($566), which is more than 150% higher than the current average monthly pension of RUR 14,000 ($214), according to a survey by the SuperJob job search portal, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports. 

Women seem to be less demanding than men when it comes to pension, with RUR 35,000 ($536) against RUR 38,000 ($597). Interestingly, young people (under 24) are more modest about their expectations than Russians aged 45 and older. They would like to have RUR 31,000 ($474) against RUR 39,000 ($597). Software developers have the highest demands, of around RUR 42,000 ($643). 

More than 80% Russians plan to earn extra income in addition to pension. Around 30% plan to work and another 50% expect to have other sources of income. Only 3% count on their children’s assistance. 

The survey was conducted among 1,600 representatives of the able-bodied population from across Russia. 

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