Analyst predicts when bitcoin will collapse to $10K

Most current forecasts rely on a belief that economic crisis manifestations in developed countries will grow worse, and the world will slide into a global recession by the end of this year. Accordingly, investors expect a meltdown of the stock market in the United States, where the indices have already lost one-third since the beginning of the year. In this situation, bitcoin is expected to fall to $ 10K-12K by the end of 2022, Artyom Deyev, head of analytics at AMarkets, explained to Invest Foresight.

This meltdown can be triggered by a sharp correction on the exchanges, which can occur under the influence of external factors, the expert believes.

“It is extremely difficult to make forecasts for a more extended period now. But we can be certain of one thing: both stock markets and cryptocurrencies will take at least three years to recover to last year’s highs,” Artyom Deyevpredicts. “This is the minimum period assets usually need to return to high values after crises.”

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