Car fuel prices are too high and may further double

Russian drivers complain about gasoline prices which in their view are too high. According to a poll by Russia’s NAFI (National Agency for Financial Research) independent multi-disciplinary think tank, 56% of respondents said car fuel costs make up a considerable portion of their family budget and they strive to reduce them, 62% think gasoline prices are high yet not unaffordable, while 25% find petrol too expensive to be able to buy it.

Vitaly Belousov / RIAN
Vitaly Belousov / RIAN

44% of respondents noted fuel consumption is an essential factor in deciding on purchasing a new car, and 46% stated they will certainly take account of such fuel consumption when buying their next vehicle.

Many Russians generally fear car fuel price may double (to reach on the average RUR100 ($1.4) per liter) in case Russia’s State Duma (Lower House of the Parliament) approves a draft law on abolishing since next year vehicle tax altogether, incorporating an extra charge into the gasoline prices instead.

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