Russian startup invests $6 mio to ‘merge phones with computers’

This story initially appeared in East-West Digital News, an international news resource covering the Russian innovation scene.

The founders of GetMobit, a Russian startup that has developed a multi-purpose docking station, intend to invest nearly $6 mio to develop their business. 

The GetMobit device, dubbed ‘GM-Box,’ is designed as a substitute to such standard office devices such as telephones, web camera, sound devices, and other gadgets. Company employees using it are provided with ‘a convenient safe access to the infrastructure of virtual workplaces and IP telephony.’ The device recognizes users by cell phone or fingerprint.

The startup touts its product as an ‘elaborate ecosystem’ that ‘merges phones with computers.’ It promises quick deployment, no major support requirements, easy scalability and secure data storage.

“Companies and departments will be able to considerably lower their expenses for setting up and maintaining their IT infrastructure, save up to 50% of resources,” according to the young company.

Founded in 2016 by Maria Rukavishnikova, the company made its first pilot in 2017 and presented its offer last year at Barcelone’s Mobile World Congress.

GetMobit says its is conducting “more than 25 test projects” involvong Russian corporations and government organizations. Some 5,000 devices have already been ordered, and GetMobit plans to produce 20,000 devices this year. 

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