Sberbank launches property selection service for new buildings

Sberbank’s DomClick and the leading developers in Moscow and Moscow Region have rolled out a service to pick apartments in new buildings.

Clients are welcome to fill in an online form on specifying the parameters of the apartment they are looking for. Based on the preferences a list of proposals from reliable developers offering discounts up to 3% will be generated and sent through via user account chat room.

Being piloted in Moscow Region, the real estate selection service is free for clients that had their mortgages approved by Sberbank.

“From now on our customers will be able to find a suitable apartment and get great deals directly from developers accredited by Sberbank. As many as 15 largest developers have already joined the online property selection service and offer customers apartments in 110 residential complexes,” noted DomClick Division’s director Nikolay Vasyov.

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