The depth of recession in Russia is underestimated – expert

Credit: Vladimir Trefilov | RIAN

Russia seems to be underestimating how bad the economic collapse is. Yet, the country needs to take urgent steps to avoid a crisis like in the US, Denis Yastrebov, the founder of the Professional Association of Political Consultants and Strategists said.

According to the expert, deep processes and shifts are now underway in the collective unconscious; as a result, even those groups that used to be non-political are becoming involved in politics.

Many Russians’ incomes have dropped sharply, Denis Yastrebov pointed out; many have found themselves on the verge of poverty.

However, compared to the United States, where chaos has erupted while the government is losing control, even the current coronavirus crisis in Russia does not seem so serious, the expert added, quoted by Moskovskaya Gazeta.

In addition, Yastrebov emphasized that the situation is reminiscent of 2018, when the pension reform was carried out.

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