Virtual cards to fight coronavirus

Moscow-based fintech startup TalkBank offers a service of virtual banking which operates via messengers and doesn’t require any physical contacts while a card can be ordered/received/transacted in a matter of two clicks, its media release says.

A TalkBank virtual card is similar to a regular debit card and can be used at any merchant location that accepts mobile payments, while it may not be lost since it does not exist physically. A virtual card can be linked to the application for contactless payment, used for online purchases and money transfers to other cards without commission, as well as for cash withdrawal at NFC-ATMs.

“We thought of building a bank that is convenient, intelligent, intuitive and available any time anywhere. TalkBank replaces one-on-one teller interaction with a chatbot so you can do all of your banking on the fly” – Mike Popov, CEO and founder of TalkBank says. “And now when it’s crucially important to self-isolate, it also helps to keep social distancing.”

To get a virtual card, one is to merely download the TalkBank chatbot which is compatible with five popular messengers (Telegram, Facebook, VK, Viber, WhatsApp) and go through an identification procedure.

TalkBank is Russia’s first virtual bank with no offices, call centers and mobile apps. It offers all kinds of banking services and operates through messengers. Financial management is carried out with the help of artificial intelligence – a chatbot that helps users to apply for bank cards and receive them, pass identification and transfer money online.

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