Aeroflot expects a 50% recovery


“The airlines industry is certainly among the most pandemic affected ones. Planes are parked at airports, crews are not flying,” Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with Aeroflot CEO Vitaly Savelyev, presidential web page reports.

“Aeroflot Group of Companies successfully completed the year 2019 and transported 60.7 mio passengers, thus being among the top twenty global carriers and showing a nine-percent growth,” Savelyev noted. “We have a fleet of 359 aircraft, including Aeroflot Russian Airlines operating a fleet of 246 aircraft.”

The impact of the pandemic was devastating and “In April our passenger operations dropped by 95%, the occupancy rate was only 33%,” he said. “Yet we expect a 50% recovery and hope to carry about 30 mio passengers this year and estimate that we will restore the level of 2019 by December in terms of domestic flights, while we will reinstate international flight traffic up to 80% by then.”

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