Airlines to offer high-speed internet access

Plans call for providing trains and passenger aircraft with high-speed internet. According to representatives of the National Technological Initiative, this could happen as soon as in 2022.

Researchers are working on an innovative wireless internet access on transport. It will allow for operating drones online and using the internet in cars, trains and even aircraft, Izvestia daily writes.

By 2022, the new internet will operate in an experimental format. Special decoding devices will be installed aboard planes and trains to provide Wi-Fi or 4G internet access.

The appearance of a high-speed internet on transport will be a significant progress. The current Wi-Fi and 4G standards cannot operate in a car that moves at a speed that exceeds 90 km/h or in a plane high above the ground. However, designers have come up with solutions that can provide internet access aboard planes that fly at a speed of 1.5K km/h. 

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