Alcohol consumption down in Russia

Wine, vodka, beer or whichever other drink all contain alcohol. As a toxic substance, it increases permeability of cell membranes which guard human organism against infections. Therefore consuming alcohol of any kind augments the risks of pathogenic diseases including coronavirus, Eugeny Bryun, chief addictionologist of the Russian Healthcare Ministry, warns.

During the strict lockdown, demand for vodka, still and sparkling wines was high in Russia, yet now the sales are going down as people no longer resort to alcohol to counter stress or sickness.

According to Eugeny Bryun, Russia is not among the top five countries with greatest alcohol consumption though. Average pure alcohol per capita consumption in Russia is 9.5 liters a year now, while in Europe the figure reaches 12 to 13 liters.

During the pandemic, it’s best to stop consuming alcohol altogether, Bryun suggests.

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