Analysts suggest which jobs would be cut

The coronavirus pandemic can trigger unprecedented mass layoffs. Analysts at the Center for Strategic Research (CSR) note that people older than 45 will be the first to get fired.

More than half of the respondents in the CSR survey said 53% of employees over 45 years old have been hit by the pandemic and faced a deterioration of their working status, RBC reports.

Employees with little experience and women may be most vulnerable if their companies resort to downsizing; marketers and maintenance staff are already being laid off.

However, 69% of employers deny that a worker’s gender affects their layoff policies in any way; another 40% said they do not categorize their workers by age. Meanwhile, 53% of companies admitted their older employees have had their employment conditions deteriorated.

Experts believe ageism and sexism – discrimination against people based on their age and gender – are not news in Russia. However, the crisis has greatly enhanced these tendencies.

The first wave of layoffs hit jobs that duplicate each other in different departments; the second wave is due in summer and fall. Security and cleaning personnel, secretaries, marketers and advertising specialists are now at risk.

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