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Artificial intelligence: will innovative technologies be able to become a replacement of humans in marketing?

AI has entered the tools kit of a number of specialists, and gained popularity among ordinary users. Even the Oxford Dictionary awarded AI a nomination “word of the year” – we talk about neural networks everywhere, they really became an integral part of most people’s lives. And such popularity involuntarily makes you think: will neural networks be able to replace human specialists? After all, AI is positioned as a tool capable of everything: from menu drafting to code development. And then I remember the “Terminator”, where artificial intelligence was so developed that it became a threat to humanity. But will it happen in our universe?

It is known for sure that in the near future such a development of AI should not be expected. First, technologies are still at the development stage, and the creators of neural networks have to make many more discoveries to make them work as it is shown in films. A recent study of the sensational AI ChatGPT, which students used to write scientific works and thesis, showed that in just a few months its effectiveness in this issue decreased by 2.4%. Although back in March, he gave 97.6% correct answers. Programmers who used ChatGPT to write codes, also noticed a decrease in the efficiency of the service. At the moment, it is not clear whether the creators specifically “unshackle” their project to avoid rebellion of machines, or the negative effect is caused by neural networks self-learning.

The second important point – no matter how impressive looks the opportunity of neural networks to perform lightning fast typing or image generation tasks, they can not compete with professional specialists. Neuronets just cannot create unique and creative ideas. They just generate materials from existing ones. And a lot of their response depends on how correctly the operator asked the question, which also makes them less effective compared to humans.

It is also important to note that AI is completely unfamiliar with empathy. And today marketing is built precisely through emotions. On their basis a solid connection is built between the brand and the consumer, which ensures loyalty and trust in the audience.

How is artificial intelligence so good and useful in marketing?

Yet AI simplifies greatly people’s lives. With relevant requests from a specialist, it can improve the marketing company.

First, AI is able to analyze quickly a large array of data and find the necessary materials in it. Including it copes with high quality with processing the target audience information. This is a very valuable function necessary to create an efficient and competent customer interaction scheme.

In addition, AI can free specialists from routine tasks: creating basic descriptions, text templates, writing meta-tags and even logos. Service should be used not to complete the task, but to create draft version. AI creates a basis, and the specialist complements it, finalizes, saturates it with valuable thoughts, theses, and emotions.

Thus, artificial intelligence has great potential for use in marketing. The opportunities modern technology gives us, are very important and unambiguously worth the attention. As history shows, useful technologies continue to evolve with humanity, even if some of them do not pass the time test.

AI can be used as a tool for the development of your company, for promoting and improving the brand, and for simplifying and optimization of work. However, this is possible only in cases where a specialist will work with the service, able to set the correct vector for the neural network introducing a creative element into the operation of the machine.

By Andrey Lopatin, media manager, Internet entrepreneur, general director of “Big Media” LLC

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