Artificial Intelligence to inspect doctors

An AI algorithm developed by Doktor Ryadom (Doctor Next Door) and Doc+ mobile clinic will verify medical prescriptions. The system is constantly expanding with new data by automatically reviewing medical records based on 15 parameters, from completeness of medical history to correctness of dosage. 

The algorithm will analyze correlation between the data in medical records and assign a grade to each parameter. Documents with low grades will be forwarded to doctors for additional expert review. This will allow reducing errors in protocols and relieve doctors from inspecting medical documents. 

Doc+ tested the AI in reviewing patients’ medical records. In the summer of 2018, Doc+ submitted several thousand medical protocols to train the algorithm. The company taught the system to process data from external sources and developed an API to integrate the solution with information systems. 

The developed technology may return hundreds of millions of rubles per year. The companies are already negotiating pilot projects with regional healthcare ministries. 

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