Average budget for a tourist trip to Russia is $2K

Credit: Alexander Utkin | RIAN

Currently, Russian consulates issue nearly 1.5 mio single- and double-entry visas per year. In 2021 applicants will be able to apply for e-visas costing no more than $50 processing fee. An e-visa will cost nothing if a child is under the age of six, Deputy Foreign Minister Yevgeny Ivanov said in an interview with Kommersant daily, published by Foreign Ministry’s website.

“E-visa costs are not a significant part of a tourist’s total expenses during his or her sojourn in Russia. Research shows that an average budget needed for a trip to Russia comes to about $2K, with accommodation expenses standing at about 23% of the overall sum, international carriage 24%, food 19%, and internal passenger transport 9%,” he noted.

According to the diplomatic official, “Travel to Russia is already visa-free for citizens of 60 states under international treaties with foreign countries. As of January 2021, citizens of 113 states will have an opportunity to enter Russia without a visa stamp in their passports. These countries have about 4 bln people or half of the world’s population.”

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