Bashkortostan to launch spunbond nonwovens production facility

Participants in a regular Investment Hour meeting in Bashkortostan, chaired by Head of the Republic Rady Khabirov, have approved a number of projects to receive financial assistance.

Those will include a project for constructing a production facility to manufacture spunbond, also called geotextile or agrotextile – agriculture nonwoven fabric used as for covering vegetable patches or greenhouses to protect plants from sudden changes in temperature and develop a favorable environment for them.

The project investor is planning to allocate some RUR 188 mio ($2.6 mio) to go for purchasing required equipment and constructing a complex which will include a production facility and a warehouse.

Another investment project noted by the Investment Hour participants includes a plan for construction of a seed complex fitted with seed cleaning equipment. Following a  discussion, the project received a status of a priority one, with part of the investor’s expenses for agriculture machinery purchases to be reimbursed from the regional budget.

A total of some RUR 316 mio ($4.4 mio) is to be invested in the project, with the complex to be built between 2020 and 2022.   

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