Belgorod Region to produce telecommunications equipment

The Belgorod Region is launching production of equipment for the telecommunications industry, with the assistance of the regional Program 500/1000.

As part of the program, in 2019 Telecom Group received a subsidy of RUR 5 mio ($81K) from the regional budget. The funds were used to cover the cost of building production facilities in the region. Additionally, the company was granted a concessional loan of RUR 8 mio ($129K) from the local SME Support Fund while the Belgorod Guarantee Fund provided surety for a bank loan. 

Overall, the launch of the first production line required RUR 120 mio ($1.9 mio).

The manufacturing facility in the Shebekinsky County will produce server racks and accessories for them, safes, protective cabinets as well as weatherproof and climate-proof solutions and solutions for data storage and processing centers.

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