Bolshoy Kamen priority development area to process pollock and other fish

An advanced plant manufacturing fish fillet has been launched in the Far Eastern Federal District’s Primorye Territory.

The new facility, which is located in the Bolshoy Kamen priority development area, was built with assistance provided through the Quotas For Investments special state program.

The plant will manufacture fillet and fish mince from pollock and other types of fish with the use of a technology that allows for waste-free production, with bones and offal from processed fish to go for producing fishmeal and fish oil. The facility’s annual capacity is expected at 110 tons of finished products.

The plant was launched by a special commission whose task is to exercise control over facilities which investments were made into.

As of late October 2019, the Bolshoy Kamen priority development area has 15 resident companies, with two of them considered as core ones as regards the scale of production, provided jobs, and the volume of investments. As for the latter, some RUR 3.15 bln ($49.1 mio) was allocated from the budget in the priority development area; private investments totaled RUR 169 bln ($2.6 bln). The area is expected to provide a total of 5,500 jobs.        

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