Bridge across Akhtuba River to connect Russia and China

The bridge of federal importance across the Akhtuba River in the Volgograd Region opens to traffic.

The bridge is part of a transit corridor that runs on to the countries of the Middle East, Central Asia and China and significantly expands the possibilities of Russia’s economic cooperation with these countries.

The bridge across the Akhtuba River, the left afflux of the Volga River, is part of the so-called Launch Complex No. 2, which is also part of a bigger project, a bridge across the Volga River and relevant infrastructure.

The launch complex includes the infrastructure and facilities that provide the operation of a section of the bridge.

Overall, the construction of the bridge across the Volga River has four launch complexes with 30 km of engineering and technical facilities. The length of the bridge across the Akhtuba River takes one fifth of this length: 6.5 km, plus 2.2 km for exits and an interchange.

The unveiling of the bridge is an important event: Minister of Transport Yevgeny Ditrikh, Presidential Aide Igor Levitin and Volgograd Region Governor Andrei Bocharov took part in the unveiling ceremony, thus emphasizing the federal status of the facility.

It was also one of the most long-awaited events in the region: the construction of the bridge began in 2009, then it was frozen for some reasons and resumed in 2014.

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