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Businesses disagree with the new law

State Duma, the lower house of the parliament, in its first reading supported a draft law prohibiting return of food commodities unsold within a set period, by chain stores to products suppliers.

Deputy Chairman of the State Duma from United Russia Irina Yarovaya. Vladimir Veatkin | RIAN

According to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, Russian business community finds the bill ill-conceived.

Sergey Katyrin, President of the Chamber, noted that the attitude of businesses to the amendment is negative, since many retail market players see a threat to their economic model. Sergey Katyrin is certain the new legislation will hurt stores which will request smaller quantities of goods to avoid overstocking and subsequent disposal of goods. That may result in occasional deficits of some commodities. Consumers will suffer too, as the legislative ban may push retail prices up.

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