Car market agency ranks most frequently bought cars in April 2020

According to Autostat Info, a car market data agency, South Korean, German and French car brands were most popular among Russian consumers last month. But only brands, since some of these vehicles are actually manufactured at Russian facilities.   

Korean cars took the first two places on the pedestal. The majority of car buyers were interested in KIA Rio and Hyundai Creta as 2,821 sedans and 2,470 crossovers found their owners.

Volkswagen Polo was ranked third (1,524 sold vehicles), followed by Hyundai Solaris (1,417 ). Renault Duster (1,397) rounds up the top five. 

It should be noted that all the models in the top five demonstrated a drastic drop in sales in April. Hyundai Solaris showed the worst results, losing 74%. The other brands were not too far behind, mostly sustaining losses just below 60%.

Interestingly, car dealerships noted a steadily growing interest in purchasing vehicles online. Austotat is expecting more growth in this segment.

Car sales businesses estimate that some 3–5% customers are interested in buying a car online. It is expected that this number will be growing by 2–3% every year.

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