Clients of MFI began to borrow less often for holidays and gifts expenses

Share of clients of microfinance institutions (MFI) who take loans for holidays and gifts expenses reduced almost by 1.5 times for one year. In June-July 2022 it made 2.7% from total number of loans whereas during the same period of 2021 it was 3.7%. Thus, today a share of loans for holidays and gifts expenses approached indicators of summer of 2020: then, at the height of a coronavirus pandemic, it was estimated only at 2.5%.

The relevant data are contained in the study of financial online platform Webbankir, conducted on the basis of analysis of more than 100 thousand loans, issued throughout Russia over the past 3 years.

The behavior of borrowers is natural, Webbankir analysts say. In the current economic situation people are less inclined to spend money on celebrations and try to obtain funds for the most necessary needs.

The most popular goals are loans for personal needs, till salaries, for the repair of real estate or cars and for medical treatment. In total these purposes account for about 80% of all loans.

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