Combat robots to decide on engaging in battle

Credit: Aleksandr Vilf | RIAN

Battlefield robots employed by the Russian military will independently make decisions on engaging in combat and gunplay. Combat robocraft will be equipped with sophisticated AI systems taught to make most appropriate operational decisions.

Researchers of the Russian Defense Ministry believe current robocraft require a substantial modernization and upgrading to be capable to make decisions on resorting to arms all by themselves. AI systems for the warbots will not merely perform analysis of various situations, but will work out when the moment to start fighting is right. Special devices will also enable the function of identifying enemy forces by combat robots.

Russian military already operate various robocraft, such as combat robots, de-mining robots, etc. Combat Uranus 9 and de-mining Uranus 6 robotic war machines have been tested in Syria when confronting ISIS terrorists.

In not-so-distant future, Artificial Intelligence will inevitably become superior to the human intelligence and the world will be populated by two types of beings which will need to find best ways for cooperating.

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