Company from Moscow Region comes up with liver cancer treatment

NanoBrakhiTek, a company from Dubna, Moscow Region, developed a unique product, microspheres for treating liver cancer. This non-surgical treatment will be tested as soon as late April. 

Scientists from NanoBrakhiTek suggested a cancer treatment using microspheres based on radioactive Yittrium-90. The element is only the size of a sand grain and is inserted into a patient’s body with a special device. The medication can destroy tumor cells and requires minimal invasion, reports Podmoskovye 360. The microsphere treatment will allow reducing the number of radiation therapy sessions that seriously affect internal organs. 

The microspheres have already been registered as a medical product and can be soon supplied to clinics. More than RUR 70 mio ($1 mio) have been invested into the project and it is expected that the company’s product will be of interest both domestically and abroad.

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